I know many of you reading this might think the words Boudoir and Body Positivity don’t go together, but I’m here to tell you they most defiantly do. I recently had a very honest chat with Anna from Anna Bridal Couture in Ringwood, we were discussing what Boudoir should really mean, what women will hope to gain from this experience and our own thoughts on body positivity.

What I learnt during our chat, and what I’ve learnt over the years working in the Boudoir world, is that body confidence is a huge issue for almost all of us. Whether your a size 0 or a size 28 we all have things we wish we could change about the way we look. What Anna and I found we have in common is we would love nothing more than to change that mindset for our clients. We want you to love your body, to be full of confidence and to smile when you see yourself in the mirror, because we see you and we know how beautiful you are. We are determined to use this amazing platform to promote happy, healthy, body confident women.

Bridal Boudoir

Now the reason why this topic is so close to our hearts is this is something Anna and I struggle with every day, like everyone we have issues with what we see when we look in the mirror and we have that voice in our head, telling us we are not quite good enough, that we really shouldn’t be listening to. My point is we are all in the same boat, yet we all know deep down its wrong. I strongly believe we all have the right to be happy with our bodies regardless of size or shape, that confidence can do wonders once you find yours. Anna and I are on our own journey to try and teach ourselves to find our body confidence, we would LOVE for you all to find your body confidence too and to feel as beautiful as we know you are.

Boudoir Photography

So where does Boudoir fit in? Firstly I think over the years theres been this odd misconception around the word Boudoir, people immediately think of sleazy, overly posed images and a generally negative experience. But the truth is a real Boudoir experience is nothing like that, Boudoir is about celebrating you, about learning to appreciate and love you and your body, its not about showing the whole world what you look like naked, its about feeling beautiful inside and out and creating perfect images you will treasure forever. I really can’t express how much of a positive experience this is, you just need to experience it yourself, trust me it will be the best thing you ever do for you.

With all this in mind Anna and I wanted to share this amazingly positive experience with Anna Bridal Brides. Weddings can be a strange time, while they are full of excitement I personally  can remember the run up to my own wedding, and while it was the most exciting and amazing time, I was also terrified. I was so scared I would look back at the images and think “I look awful” I was scared about what peoples opinions would be and about the whole wedding dress experience. So we want to help with any fears or anxieties our brides might be experiencing. We want to prove to you how amazing you are and help you feel fabulous in the run up to your wedding.

So we decided to put together the perfect Bridal Boudoir experience, because we know you are going to love it and it will be such a positive experience for you all. Your day will take place in a luxury private venue nestled in the heart of the New Forest. You’ll enjoy a day being  pampered, this time is about relaxing and enjoying every moment! Your hair and make up will be taken care of  by the wonderful FLC Hair and Make Up. I trust Fi implicitly with my clients, she is amazing and will help you feel fabulous before you step in front of the camera. Then spend a couple of hours with me learning to love you, learning that you look amazing in front of the camera and you have absolutely  nothing to worry about on your special day. Let me create the most beautiful images you will treasure forever, a constant reminder of how amazing you are, something that can also be the perfect gift for your fiancee on the big day.

All Anna Bridal brides will receive an exclusive voucher for this experience when placing their order, but this opportunity is available for all brides, any shape, size or age. If you would love to hear more, or would just like to chat then simply contact the studio, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Bridal Boudoir



Body positivity and Bridal Boudoir

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