Standing half naked in a room of women you’ve never met before. I mean, it’s sounds terrifying doesn’t it?

And yet, that’s never the feedback I get from my clients. They never feel awkward, hyper-sexualised or uncomfortable. So why is that? For me, boudoir is none of the things traditionally associated with the word.

 Boudoir: “Super demure, not bottoms up”

 Let’s start with the underwear. Whilst it might sound like you need to find the porniest, tackiest lingerie in Ann Summers, we encourage a different vibe. Sleek shapewear, nudes and whites, exquisite lace and beautiful bridal lingerie looks both alluring and classy. My aim is to make your wedding lingerie as important as your wedding dress! It should fill you with confidence, ooze sophistication and remind you of your empowering experience with us.

If you don’t wear lace French knickers, don’t! If you prefer a triangle bra over a push-up, I don’t mind at all. This isn’t about making you look like someone else – it’s about the best, most confident version of you.

Example of my favourite places to find your perfect lingerie

What about posing? Pre-shoot, posing causes more anxiety than lingerie decisions – but it doesn’t have to. I’m not trying to make you look like a Page 3 model. My vibe is about elegance, luxury and giving you confidence that will last for years to come. I’ll make you feel brave, strong, magical and smart – not overdone, tacky or objectified.

boudoir photography hampshire

In fact, I believe that boudoir isn’t really about the people that see your photos. Of course, a boudoir album makes a lovely gift and many of my ladies love giving their pictures to their future partners – but it’s way more about you. A boudoir shoot is likely a once in a lifetime thing, it’s a time to relax and focus solely on you. In the run up to your wedding there are so many demands on your time. But with me, I’m simply here to adore you. Switch off, relax, make time for a little fun – you deserve it!

After a shoot, the most common feedback I get is “I was so hesitant but it was the best experience ever!”. 

The process of travelling to a new place, meeting new women and instantly feeling at ease enough to take your clothes off is a new experience for most of my clients. Being showered with compliments and quickly being made to feel beautiful and secure is, sadly, not often the case between groups of ladies. I make it my mission to prove to our clients that women can support each other, adore each other and build each other up.

Finally, what are boudoir photos for? Well, in short, they’re for you! Whether you give them as a gift, or keep them for yourself – the experience is still special, empowering and affirming. The images we create together are like a time capsule that appreciates who you are, right now, in the moment. That might be just before your wedding, after having a baby or just because! In ten, twenty or thirty years time you’ll be able to look back on these images with fond memories.

I hope that this helps you to understand that boudoir might not be what you think it is. It’s not about objectifying women or posing you in ways which make you look a certain way – it’s actually about your innate, natural beauty. The kind of beauty that only comes from confidence, the confidence I give you in our sessions. 

I can see how beautiful you are – aren’t you ready to?

What is Boudoir?
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