For whatever reason you’ve been putting off booking your Boudoir Photography session, I have a list of 10 reasons why now is the perfect time to do something new, exciting and just for you.

Boudoir Photography
1. Its a chance to do something 100% for you.

How many times have you actually done something that is 100% for you? Something that you didn’t really need a reason or excuse for, something that was positive and valuable for you as a human. These sessions are a chance for you to celebrate every little bit of you, and prove to yourself that you love what you see in the mirror and you don’t need that reassurance from anyone else.

2. Your confidence will sky rocket as a result.

Confidence is most defiantly key, and these sessions are gold at boosting yours and proving to yourself how wonderful you are. I know stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary, but its also the first step in achieving something truly wonderful. On the day you are in the best of hands, with myself and my recommended Hair and Make Up artists you will be feeling utterly amazing by the end of the day. Sometimes we all critise our own bodies, for some reason it’s become something we just do as women, but a boudoir session can be a huge step in fighting that habit and accepting ourselves for the beautiful humans we are.

Boudoir Photography
3. You might learn something new about yourself.

At this point in life you might think you know all there is to know. But we are always learning and always changing, sometimes we have to challenge ourselves and step out our comfort zones to learn some of the very best lessons. The beauty of a Boudoir session is you get to see that beautiful transformation in print, and forever have it as a reminder of how much you rock!

4. You’ll have a awesome story to tell!

I mean, wouldn’t this be awesome! To be that eccentric grandma that tells amazing stories about what she got up to in her youth! Stories are what we take with us through life, sharing experiences and adventures and what adds to these is the pictures that go along with them, and wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to show your granddaughter one day how confident you were in yourself and how proud you were of your body? I think thats something truly amazing to pass down.

Boudoir Photography
5. Its the perfect excuse to go out and purchase some new Lingerie!

Because we all need this excuse! When was the last time you even wore matching underwear?? And have you noticed, when you do how amazing you feel! Again taking a afternoon just to shop for something as intimate and personal as lingerie can do wonders. When you book your session you will receive my exclusive list of all the best places to shop to make your job a piece of cake.

6. You will learn to love the skin you are in.

I’ve got news for you – each and everyone of us has something about our bodies we are not 100% happy with. I don’t care if you are a size 8 or 24 everyone has something they would change. But what will surprise you is these sessions really teach you to love you, that all those little things really don’t matter and that our bodies are wonderful. So if you are thinking I’ll wait until I’ve lost that last bit of weight, or until my skins cleared up or Ive toned up a bit, you really don’t need to, the best time is now.

boudoir photography
7. and that age, size, weight, height really doesn’t matter.

It really doesn’t, and the only person that needs to be happy with your body is you.

8. You might inspire someone close to you, who really needs a boost, to do the same.

You could find yourself becoming a bit of an inspiration to the women around you. Maybe you know someone who really lacks confidence and just needs to see someone else positive experience to buck up the courage to do it herself. Not to mention the younger generation of girls in our lives, there is so much pressure and negativity literally at their fingertips now a days, I really think its time we start setting strong, positive examples for them to follow in and show how to be confident in yourself and respect one another.

Boudoir Photography
9. There is no experience quite like it.

Its hard to put into words how positive an experience this can be for women, we are constantly under so much pressure from the outside world, particularly for how we look, and this experience just helps strip all that back and reminds you that the only person you really need to please is you. I thought at this point it might be nice to hear from my truly wonderful clients, in their own words, what they thought of their Boudoir experience.

WOW!!! What an amazing experience. If you are thinking about it trust me it’s worth it!!! It was a present from my Husband and was nothing like I imagined. From start to finish I was made to feel so welcome and comfortable Rebecca is the nicest lady you could meet and makes you feel at ease from the first moment you arrive. As it is a little nerve wracking having never done anything like this before! It was so relaxed having hair and make up done and looking through outfits. There are no limits I took everything I had and Rebecca has the eye for what works! The shoot itself was so much fun changing into different outfits, poses etc. Everything is bespoke so you pretty much have a free rein to achieve whatever you wish. I had no idea but that was fine as Rebecca knew exactly what would work! If you are lacking in self confidence this is the best pick me up and I came away feeling a million dollars and on cloud nine. I was so overwhelmed when I saw the final photos as they are truly amazing. Thank you Rebecca!!

From the moment I met Rebecca I felt at ease! She made me feel really welcome and I explained that I was hoping that this would help boost my self confidence. We discussed the different outfits to use and she was very professional in her judgements. During the shoot I felt very comfortable and it felt very natural. I remember we were just chatting and having a laugh. I was very excited to see the pictures as I wanted to buy some for my husband. I have to say I was blown away by how good the photos looked. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was looking through the photos. I have been on cloud nine since and they have given me a new outlook at myself. My husband loves the photos and he can not wait to be able to have some of them printed for the bedroom. Thank you so much Becky, I would highly recommend this to any woman who wants a confidence boost!

10. You can spend one whole day dedicated to you and being pampered!

What better reason to book your session could there be?!

To book your Boudoir session, or if you just fancy a chat, contact the studio today.

Bridal Boudoir

10 reasons why you should book a Boudoir session

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