I am so privileged to have the most amazing clients! So amazing that sometimes they take part in my “client interviews” So read and enjoy all about Clare’s experience, and hopefully it will give you all the inspiration you need.

boudoir photography hampshire


Hair and Make Up by

Lucy Bernier Hair and Make Up 


Rebecca Frost Photography exclusive venue

What’s your Occupation?

Pre school co owner & Manager

How would the closest person to you describe you?


What are your favorite simple pleasures in life?

Walk along the beach and coffee!

What’s the last book you read?

Love and snickerdoodles

Last show you binge watched?

Big little lies

What inspired you to book a boudoir session?

I was fortunate enough to win a competition so had no more excuses to make! Just had to go for it!

boudoir photography hampshire

What ( if anything ) were you nervous about?

Being in my underwear in front of a complete stranger and worrying about my figure, we’ll lack of it! 

Tell us about the lingerie you brought to your session?

All my lingerie was from Primark and in colours that I love. Also took a black sheer shirt which worked well on the photos. 

Tell us about your shoot experience?

The totally amazing Rebecca puts you at ease straight away and chats like she’s known you for years. The setting is beautiful and you are made to feel so fabulous especially with the incredible hair and make up makeover! I was buzzing for days afterwards and still am! 

boudoir photography hampshire

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Watching re runs of friends! Even though I’ve seen them all loads of times. 

What’s your biggest life achievement so far?

Being with my husband/best friend for nearly 30 years and raising 4 wonderful children. 

Name the top item on your bucket list?

To do the experience again for my 50th!!!

What’s your big body confidence tip?

Just believe in yourself! Don’t let what you THINK others will say put you off wearing the outfit or trying a new look! 

What advice would you give someone booking their boudoir session?

Do it do it do it!!! After showing the photos to my friends, I realised that what we don’t like about our own bodies, other people just don’t see it! For instance I hate my stomach with a passion, but my husband and friends think I’m mad and don’t see what I see! 

So book the shoot, feel fabulous and believe me the confidence it leaves you with afterwards is the best feeling in the world! And when you start to have doubts about yourself, look at your photos and the confidence will wash over you and you can be your fantastic, beautiful , unique self and own it!! BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW

Interview with a Boudoir Photography Client

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