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Last week I spent the day with this lovely pair. Hanna created the blog (that is a must read for all new mums) Little Snippets when she was pregnant with Darcie. It was something she had always thought of doing and while experiencing pregnancy for the first time herself, found she had a lot to write about! So now she is well and truly blogging her way through motherhood, and what a wonderful job she is doing!

I don’t have children yet ( unless you count the dogs! ) but I LOVE reading Hanna’s blog. It is the perfect read with a cuppa. In todays world everyone can publicly display their opinions and experiences, which most of the time is a positive thing, however I often find myself predominately reading about the horror stories and general negativity around pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Which is why Hanna’s blog is such a ray of sunshine and its so refreshing to read little snippets of this lovely little families life. Even through the tough times Hanna stays positive and full of love, while always staying true.

Hanna’s readers have had the privilege of watching Darcie grow, and what a bright, beautiful, caring and hilarious little lady she is becoming! All very much credit to Hanna and her partner Dan!

Naturally when I found out Hanna was expecting their second bundle of joy, I invited her for a Maternity shoot. Hanna didn’t get round to it the first time and I know its something she would have loved to have done then. I am just about settled in the new Boudoir venue and I knew this would be the perfect place for Hanna’s session. Hanna and I discussed what we thought would work best for the shoot, Hannah really wanted Darcie involved, she wanted her to feel included and excited about the arrival of her little brother! On the day Darcie was the perfect little model, I must say I totally fell in love with her!

As you know I am all about positivity, in every sense of the word. Celebrating being you, and believing in yourself. Which in turn, is why I am so passionate about Boudoir and Maternity photography. Most women love their bumps, and love the idea of capturing that time on camera to treasure forever, however there are some who feel a little self conscious and If I can help even one of them feel beautiful and recognise that beautiful little bump is their own little piece of magic I will be a happy girl!

I cannot wait for Hanna to see all her images, heres a few that I already absolutely love. Huge thanks to Hanna and Darcie, who are just wonderful! I am so looking forward to meeting your new arrival, and can I just say how lucky Darcie and her brother are to have such a positive role model as their mummy!

Maternity Photography Maternity Photography



Maternity Session with Little Snippets

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  • April 4, 2018 at 5:49 pm

    You’ve made my day reading this Becky! The photos are so much lovelier than I could have imagined! Xx


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