I’m not going to lie, in this house we don’t massively celebrate Valentines day. Usually we go about as far as a nice meal at home and a card for each other but thats about it! So I thought I should have a think and share some inspiration, even just for me if not for you guys!

  • Book a Boudoir Shoot or purchase a voucher – Ok so obviously this has the be the top of my list! The perfect give for your special someone, and so easy as I have vouchers ready to go! Not only are you giving them the gift of some beautiful images, a unique and amazing experience, you are also giving the gift of a day 100% for them – to learn to love their bodies and build copious amounts of confidence, what better gift could there be?! Contact the studio to arrange yours.
Boudoir Photography
  • Buy them some lingerie – So guys I know this can be a tricky one! Knowing what style, size or even just knowing where to start can be a bit of a nightmare, and so I think the key is always to have a chat with your other half first, find out about sizes and their favourite places to shop, this will give you the information you need while still giving them a surprise. Shopping online is so easy now and is a great solution if you are a little nervous going into a lingerie shop. New lingerie is also a great addition when purchasing a Boudoir gift voucher. I’ve got some great recommendations of where to shop here on the blog, or just drop me a line, I would be happy to help!
Boudoir Photography
  • Plan a weekend away – Now this is my personal ideal gift. I am such a sucker for holidays, its defiantly my favourite thing to do, and it does drive my hubby slightly crazy at times! Planning a impromptu trip can be so romantic ( and will earn you loads of brownie points! ) If you wisk them away that weekend or plan something for later in the year, you can’t go wrong! And you don’t have to go crazy and plan a trip to New York ( although that would be awesome! ) there are so many beautiful places right on our doorsteps, you just need to get creative!
  • Buy some flowers or arrange a subscription – I LOVE fresh flowers, I have them around the house all year round, and I’m not too fussy with what I get, although I love anything thats in season. I haven’t tried them yet but there are some great subscriptions to sign up for, they send you fresh flowers every week, this would make such a lovely gift, brighten someones day every week throughout the year 🙂 Try Bloom and Wild or Freddie’s Flowers
Valentines Gift Ideas
  • Arrange a Make Up Course – This is something else I would love to do but haven’t quite got around to! Every girl would benefit from this in some way. Our very own recommended artist Fiona from FLC Hair and Make Up runs Make Up lessons and I hear they are awesome! She does vouchers too which makes gift giving all the more easy.
Boudoir Photography
  • Cook a nice meal at home – Going out to a nice restaurant is good too, but if your on a budget or just want to stay at home, making the effort to cook something extra special can be just as lovely as an evening out. Light some candles crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy food and each others company in the comfort of your own home.
  • Print your photos – All those photos just sitting on your phone! Get them printed, in a album or frames these can make such wonderful gifts. Ive seen around lots of places now print really good quality looking collage frames, these would be great for your most recent holiday snaps. Of course this is also something I can help with if you have something special you would like professionally framed.
Valentines Gift Ideas
  • Take a walk and even take a photographer with you – One of our favourite things to do as a little family is to go for a walk ( with the dog of course! ) We usually end up in a pub admittedly, but its still a lovely day out wondering through the woods or on the beach. You could even take advantage of this and take a photographer with you, get some beautiful relaxed photos of the two of you together, the photos are then something you can treasure forever!
Family Photography
  • See a show – This is my favourite date night! Dinner and show, the last show we saw was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and it was so amazing I would love to go again! But even if you don’t want to splash out in London for the evening there are so many good shows to see locally and its something a bit different.
wedding photography
  • Enjoy time together and try not to feel pressured – As I mentioned earlier we don’t go crazy on Valentines, and thats ok. Don’t get me wrong its lovely when my hubby surprises me unexpectedly or visa versa, but neither of us feel under any pressure to beat the year before! A card and a bunch of flowers will always do the trick, but sometimes its nice to do something extra special. However you enjoy the day, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines with the ones you love.

10 Valentines Gift Ideas
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